old bacon

Historic Bacon Academy was Connecticut's second oldest continuously operating public high school. Construction of this iconic yellow brick building, which anchors the town green of Colchester, began in 1801 and was completed in 1803. The building was made possible by a local farmer Pierpoint Bacon, who was born on May 27, 1724 and moved to Colchester when he was twenty-one. He married Abigail Newton and, together with their enslaved people, farmed nearly 800 acres, becoming prosperous landowners in Colchester. When they both passed away in 1800, they had no children. Bacon’s friend, Dr. John Watrous, convinced him to leave a legacy of $35,000 for a school in town that has borne his name for over 220 years: Bacon Academy.

The Mission of The Bacon Academy Trustees

To preserve, restore, and maintain three of the most significant and cherished historic landmarks in the Town of Colchester, Connecticut and to use said property in a manner that promotes the historical, educational and cultural life enjoyed by the citizens of Colchester and the region. 

Preserve our past
for our future.

The Bacon Academy Board of Trustees are embarking on a capital campaign to receive Historic Bacon Academy and make it a vibrant building for generations to come.

& Awards

The Bacon Academy Board of Trustees offers over six scholarships and four awards to students graduating from Bacon Academy. Please communicate with the Bacon Academy guidance department for applications.

Founder's Day

Steven Bradstreet of Colchester has been nominated to receive the
2024 Founder's Day Award.
A Ceremony will be held, May 15 at 11:00 a.m. at the Colchester Federated Church.

Pierpoint Bacon was born in Middletown on May 27, 1724 and moved to Colchester when he was twenty-one. On May 27th, 2024 will be the anniversary of his 300th Birthday. We will be celebrating with free cake and lemonade. Tours of the building will be available. Details to follow.